(these are in no order)

1.Saquon Barkley,RB,New York Giants
Saquon is already a top-five fantasy running back,and may be the next star in the big apple.If he keeps his head right,a rookie (like Barkley) could lead the NFL in the rushing yards for the third straight year (Elliott,Hunt).

2.Rashaad Penny,RB,Seattle Seahawks
There may be a few running backs in font of him but Penny has top end speed and could be a key RB2 sleeper if no one takes him in your draft.Penny should get some playing time,make the most of it,and make you happy when your fantasy team wins because of it.

3.Calvin Ridley,WR,Atlanta Falcons
Playing beside superstar wideout Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu (not a superstar but a quality wideout),no one should be payinga attention to Ridley.This should give him opportunity to have some big fantasy numbers.

4.Hayden Hurst,TE,Baltimore Ravens
Hurst is clearly the top tight end in this draft class,and can make an impact whether it be veteran Joe Flacco or rookie Lamar Jackson throwing it to him.Hurst will be a good blocker too,not that its’ good for fantasy or anything.

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