Three Point Guards to watch out for,for the 2018-19 NBA season

1.Lonzo Ball,PG,Los Angeles Lakers
Ball showed everything in his rookie season:passing,inside scoring,defense,and efficiency (in some parts of his game).With a new shot form,can he become a shooter with the ball being in LeBron’s hands.He will have a great player to pass to,and other things.We will see.

2.De’Angelo Russell,PG,Brooklyn Nets
Russell has flashes of being a forty-point scorer but on some nights he has been almost nonexistent.With Russell,time will tell whether he can run an offense and with fellow guard Spencer Dinwiddie to the playoffs.

3.Terry Rozier,PG,Boston Celtics
Rozier became the fill-in for injured star Kyrie Irving,and was a threat shooting the ball.He averaged almost twenty-points in place of Irving in the playoffs and won’t have a huge role,but could be a star if he switches teams.

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