Three Shooting Guards to watch out for,for the 2018-19 NBA season

Three make or break shooting guards for the 2018-19 NBA season.

1.Devin Booker,Phoenix Suns
He’s got a bunch of young teammates that have gotten one year better.He’s got former number one pick in DeAndre Ayton and defensive specialist Trevor Ariza beside him.His effieciencies should improve with the talent he’s got beside him,and more time as the main ball handler will help him (maybe) reach his first all-star game next February.

2.Buddy Hield,Sacramento Kings
Is Hield the best out of Sacramento’s three wings between Bogdan Bogdanović and Justin Jackson.He will probably get more looks with most of the defensive attention being on Marvin Bagley inside.He will have some decent playmakers in De’Aaron Fox and Bogdanovic to pass to him as well.

3.Zach LaVine,Chicago Bulls
Lavine is making more money than he should be for the Chicago Bulls.He’s been an effiecient scorer most of his career (like back when he was back in Minnesota).LaVine should be a playmaker,and should improve at that.

By Carter Huff

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