I am predicting what the committee would do at the end of the season.
These are my projections

1.Alabama-SEC (Projected Champion)
4.Michigan-Big 10 (Projected Champion)

2.Clemson-ACC (Projected Champion)
3.Notre Dame-Independent

Rose Bowl-Ohio State (Big 10 Second Bid) vs. Washington State (Projected Pac-12 Champion)
Sugar Bowl-Texas (Projected Big 12 Champion) vs. LSU (SEC Second Bid)
Fiesta Bowl-Kentucky (SEC Fourth Bid) vs. West Virginia (Big 12 Third Bid)
Peach Bowl-Georgia (SEC Third Bid) vs. Central Florida (Projected American Champion,Projected Lone Group of Five undefeated conference champion)

Why LSU isn’t in top four:Alabama is likely to beat LSU on Saturday taking them out of the discussion for the playoff with two losses.

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