What if there was a four team playoff in each conference?

Since the Kentucky-Georgia and Alabama-LSU games are like SEC Semifinal games into the SEC Championship in December,it got me thinking.What if there was a four team playoff for each conference IN PLACE of their conference championship game?!

The top two teams from each division in a conference will play each other to decided who will face the other division winner in the conference championship game.

If there are no divisions in the conference the top four will play in the playoff.

The rankings of the teams in each conference are based off of head to head (first tiebreaker) and their College Football Playoff Ranking (second tiebreaker).

Here’s what it would’ve looked like last season.

The records shown by the teams are their conference records.


Atlantic Semifinal
1.Clemson (7-1)
3.NC State (6-2)

Coastal Semifinal
2.Miami (7-1)
4.Virginia Tech (5-3)

Big 12

1.Oklahoma (8-1)
4.Texas (5-4)

2.TCU (7-2)
3.Oklahoma State (6-3)

Big 10

East Semifinal
2.Ohio State (8-1)
4.Michigan State (7-2)

West Semifinal
1.Wisconsin (9-0)
3.Northwestern (7-2)


North Semifinal
2.Stanford (7-2)
3.Washington (7-2)

South Semifinal
1.USC (7-2)
4.Arizona State (6-3)


West Semifinal
1.Auburn (7-1)
3.Alabama (7-1)

East Semifinal
2.Georgia (7-1)
4.South Carolina (5-3)

By Carter Huff

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