What if the Big 12 disbands?What conference would each school end up?

Baylor is in a small Texas market so they would have to tag along with the othr Texas schools to the Pac-12 super conference,the Pac-16.I don’t think they will do that so I think that the American conference will come calling.Conference Pick:American

Iowa State
Iowa State would fit well in the Big 10 with a good basketball program and a football program on the rise.The Iowa-Iowa State rivalry would be huge,annd within a few years they will have recruiting pipelines ranging from Nebraska east to the New York area.They could also go to the ACC or the American if Iowa doesn’t want them there.Conference Pick:Big 10

Like Iowa State,the Big 10 would want basketball-heavy Kansas.While their football program needs work (a lot of WORK!) Kansas would come into the Big 10 ready to dominate in basketball.Conference Pick:Big 10

Kansas State
I don’t really know which conference to put Kansas State in so I’m just going to tag them along with Kansas.Conference Pick:Big 10

When Texas wants to join the Pac-12 and the SEC comes calling… Conference Pick:SEC

Oklahoma State
The SEC may come calling if they join Oklahoma in a package deal which is probably want Oklahoma State wants.Conference Pick:SEC

TCU would love to join the SEC but I don’t think Texas A&M would want them in their conference.Joining the Pac-12 super conference would be the best bet for the Horned Frogs.Conference Pick:Pac-12

A sticking point for the crown jewel for the Big 12 is the Longhorn network.Between the Pac-12 and the SEC,the Pac-12 would want the Longhorn Network so…Conference Pick:Pac-12

Texas Tech
Tagging along with Texas and TCU,Texas Tech would join the Pac-12 super conference.Conference Pick:Pac-12

West Virginia
The odd team out in the Big 12 would join the ACC with built in rivalries with Pittsburgh,Virginia Tech,Syracuse,and Boston College are all built in rivalries from the old Big East and as their academics improve they would be a perfect fit.Conference Pick:ACC

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