American-Memphis vs. UCF
With the loss of QB McKenzie Milton to injury,UCF may struggle early but I don’t see them having much trouble.Predicted score:UCF 31,Memphis 21

ACC-Pittsburgh vs. Clemson
Let’s face the reality.Clemson with their offensive weapons and talented defensive front,will dominate Pat Narduzzi and the Panthers.Predicted Score:Clemson 38,Pitt 17

Big 12-Oklahoma vs. Texas
Texas beat Oklahoma in the regular season,barely,and when Oklahoma can’t stop Texas’ offense and Kyler Murray and the Oklahoma’s offense try to make a comeback,the Texas defense will make a play,sealing the Big 12.Predicted Score:Texas 35,Oklahoma 24

Big 10-Northwestern vs. Ohio State
This game should be a shootout,and at the end Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins will lead a game winning drive,making OSU’s playoff case even more interesting.Predicted Score:Ohio State 49,Northwestern 42

Pac-12-Washington vs. Utah
As Washington defeated the Pac-12’s last hope for the playoff,Washington State,they earned their spot in the Pac-12 championship versus Utah.With seniors Jake Browning and Myles Gaskin,I believe Washington will sneak away with a field goal win.Predicted Score:Washington 20,Utah 17

SEC-Georgia vs. Alabama
Georgia should be ‘Bama’s biggest test and they will be until Tua will score a few touchdowns in a row and the Tide will get a few stops,Alabama should get it done.Predicted Score:Alabama 49,Georgia 35

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