Arkansas Razorbacks,Dallas Cowboys Weekly Review 10:Arkansas womens basketball in SEC Tournament Championship

Arkansas womens’ Basketball has become the lowest seed ever in the SEC Tournament (10 Seed) to make the SEC Tournament Championship game.The hogs will face Mississippi State,the number one seed in the SEC Tournament,who has made the SEC Tournament Championship for four straight years but have not won an SEC Tournament Championship yet.Jailyn Mason led the team with fifteen points in the win over three seed Texas A&M and a win previously over two seed South Carolina,snapping their streak of four straight SEC Tournament titles.

Arkansas men’s basketball is on a three game winning streak including a one-point win over Ole Miss,a thirty-six point win over Vanderbilt,and a twelve point win over Alabama (who was in the NCAA Tournament enter Saturday, after loss to Arkansas out of tournament according to ESPN’s Joe Lunardi).The Arkansas-Alabama winner got the nine seed in the SEC Tournament (which was Arkansas), and Alabama fell to the ten seed after the loss.The 2019 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament will be played in Nashville,Tennessee again from March 13-17.

Former Texas A&M QB Nick Starkel has chosen to transfer to Arkansas.He has two more years of elgibility.

The Arkansas women’s track and field team won their second national championship on Saturday.

The Dallas Cowboys have rewored a deal with Linebacker Sean Lee,where he will get $3.5 million in his final year of his contract instead of the $7 million he was going to get instead.Dallas Cowboys Defensive Lineman David Irving quit the NFL because of marijuana.

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