Aaron Rodgers shows up at Green Bay training camp

Aaron Rodgers has returned to Green Bay Packers this morning. The MVP returned to work for the first time since his postgame interview following their loss to Tampa Bay in the NFC Championship Game.

By showing up on Tuesday, when veterans were mandated to report for training camp, Rodgers will avoid the $50,000 daily fine for missing camp-related events. Rodgers skipped all off-season activities, including the mandatory minicamp in June. The team could fine him more than $93,000 for missing that.

Just because Rodgers reported doesn’t necessarily mean he will practice when the team hits the field for the first time Wednesday. It’s possible he and the team will agree that he should sit out until the final details are ironed out.

That makes the 2021 a possible last-dance situation for Rodgers in Green Bay, as there has been gripe between him and the franchise since the team picked his replacement in the 2020 NFL Draft, Jordan Love.

By Carter Huff

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