2022-2023 cbhsports way-too-early NFL Record Predictions

Here are my predictions for the NFL divisional standings before free agency and the 2022 NFL Draft. I will make another one after free agency and the NFL Draft end.


Buffalo Bills 13-4
New England Patriots 10-7
Miami Dolphins 8-9
New York Jets 4-13

If Josh Allen continues to play the way he played in the 2022 playoffs, the Bills should be the favorites for the AFC East every year from here on out.

Baltimore Ravens 11-6
Cincinnati Bengals 10-7
Pittsburgh Steelers 7-10
Cleveland Browns 6-11

With the Bengals run to the Super Bowl and the Ravens returning to full health, the AFC North could be one of if not the toughest divisions in football next season.

Tennessee Titans 12-5
Indianapolis Colts 10-7
Houston Texans 5-12
Jacksonville Jaguars 3-14

When I originally wrote this post, the Colts had not traded QB Carson Wentz. But, just days ago, Carson was traded back to the NFC East, this time to the Washington Commanders. Thus, the Titans are the clear frontrunner to repeat as division champs in 2022-2023.

Kansas City Chiefs 13-4
Los Angeles Chargers 10-7
Denver Broncos 9-8
Las Vegas Raiders 7-10

With Russell Wilson being traded from Seattle to Denver, the AFC West now has three surefire top ten QBs in the NFL including Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes, Los Angeles’ Justin Herbert, and the aforementioned Wilson. The Chargers, Broncos, and Raiders will have to keep up with the Chiefs.


Dallas Cowboys 11-6
Philadelphia Eagles 8-9
Washington Commanders 6-11
New York Giants 3-14

Dallas should win this division again but Washington’s move for Colts QB Carson Wentz shows fans that they are waiting until 2023 to draft another QB. With Brian Daboll as the new head coach for the Giants, expect a much longer rebuild ahead and the Eagles should make a run for the division.

Green Bay Packers 13-4
Minnesota Vikings 8-9
Chicago Bears 7-10
Detroit Lions 5-12

With superstar QB Aaron Rodgers and receiver Davante Adams back in the fold, the Packers are yet again Super Bowl contenders. The Vikings and Bears have new coaches and will look to end the Packers’ reign at the top of the division.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14-3
New Orleans Saints 8-9
Atlanta Falcons 6-11
Carolina Panthers 5-12

With Tom Brady retired, Tampa Bay looks to find a new QB to solidify their spot at the top of the division. New Orleans and Carolina both need QBs and could make a move for Texans QB Deshaun Watson. Update: Tom Brady has unretired so the Bucs should win the division again.

Los Angeles Rams 12-5
San Francisco 49ers 11-6
Arizona Cardinals 8-9
Seattle Seahawks 5-12

The NFC West is the best division in football. The Super Bowl winning Rams will look to lead a division that should also have competitive 49ers and Cardinals teams. Seattle will look to rebuild after trading QB Russell Wilson.

By Carter Huff

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