Projected NBA Playoff Seeds, First Round Predictions

The NBA Playoffs are almost here,so there will definitely be some NBA posts coming up soon.Today we are going to start with making predictions for the NBA Playoffs with the projected seeds right now.

Eastern Conference
1.Toronto Raptors 57-22 4
8.Washington Wizards 42-38 2

DeMar DeRozan will be too much for John Wall and the Wizards.I could definitley see a six game series between these two,but the Raptors have been too good this year.Predicted Series Score:4-2

4.Cleveland Cavaliers 49-31 4
5.Indiana Pacers 47-33 1

LeBron James.James and the Cavs did lose to Philadelphia last night but if Philadelphia loses out then the Cleveland will get the three seed.If this series will lock in,which is likely,LeBron James will overpower Victor Oladipo and the Pacers in five games.Predicted Series Score:4-1

3.Philadelphia 76ers 49-30 4
6.Miami Heat 43-37 2

Ben Simmons has been on a terror these last thirteen games,leading them to those victories while putting up a triple-double in each one,breaking Oscar Robertson’s record.Simmons and if Joel Embiid comes back could dominate the Heat.I will give the Heat two wins,though.Predicted Series Score:4-2

2.Boston Celtics 54-25 3
7.Milwaukee Bucks 42-37 4

My first upset of the first round goes to the Milwaukee Bucks.Giannis Antetoukoumpo has been playing great,averaging twenty-seven points and ten boards for them,as well.While the Celtics have been playing well,its going to be tough for them to get out of the first round without star Kyrie Irving.Predicted Series Score:4-3

Western Conference
1.Houston Rockets 64-15
8.Minnesota Timberwolves 45-35

It sucks that Minnesota,led by a trio of great young players, have to play the most dominant team in the NBA during the NBA season during the first round of the playoffs.James Harden and the Rockets will only give one game up to the T-Wolves and will roll into the second round.Predicted Series Score:4-1

4.Utah Jazz 46-33 3
5.New Orleans Pelicans 45-34 4

Anthony Davis has been too good not to win his first playoff series.The Jazz have played well after losing Gordon Hayward.Donavan Mitchell has been great for them this year as a Rookie of the Year candidate.Its not going to be enough,though.Predicted Series Score:4-3

3.Portland Trail Blazers 48-31 4
6.San Antonio Spurs 45-34 2

Blazers Point Guard Damian Lillard has been great this season as usual,but has taken this Trail Blazers team to different heights.Porland will lose the first two games of the series to experienced San Antonio,they will win four straight games and move to the second round.Predicted Series Score:4-2

2.Golden State Warriors 57-22 4
7.Oklahoma City Thunder 45-34 3

Another KD-Russell Westbrook rematch will result in a great series.Without Stephen Curry,the Thunder will give Golden State everything that they have and will fall in a close game seven loss.Predicted Series Score:4-3

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