LeBron is unanimously selected for his record setting twelve All-NBA first team (NBA Awards given out so far)

So-this is the start of my Summer grind.Let’s get it.

LeBron James getting his twelfth All-NBA first team honors and Klay Thompon getting snubbed of any All-NBA team is just one set of drama with the NBA awards so far.Let’s get into them-

2018 All-NBA Teams

1st Team
G:Damian Lillard,PG,Portland Trail Blazers
G:James Harden,SG/PG,Houston Rockets
F:Kevin Durant,SF,Golden State Warriors
F:LeBron James,SF/PF,Cleveland Cavaliers
C:Anthony Davis,C/PF,New Orleans Pelicans

Commentary:The three MVP candidates (Davis,Harden,James) are great picks.Damian Lillard has had his best season in his career averaing twenty-six points per game.Kevin Durant is a no brainer do to his seven foot height at the small forward (or shooting guard) position.All of these guys are very deserving and I don’t think any of these guys deserve andy lower.

2nd Team
G:Russell Westbrook,PG,Oklahoma City Thunder
G:DeMar DeRozan,SG,Toronto Raptors
F:Giannis Anteokoumpo,SF,Milwaukee Bucks
F:LaMarcus Aldridge,PF,San Antonio Spurs
C:Joel Embiid,C,Philadelphia 76ers

Commentary:Russell Westbrook might’ve averaged another triple double all season but last season was more special due to LeBron James’ amazing fifteenth season,James Harden and the Rockets best record in the NBA,and Anthony Davis’ dominance.Russell is very deserving,though.DeMar DeRozan’s jump shot was finally existent as he lead Toronto to the first seed in the eastern conference.Giannis is a freak of nature who has a great future in this league.While some people think LaMarcus Aldridge is not deserving for this award,he has been very consistent for a very inconsistent Spurs team.Joel Embiid has played more games than any other season of his career and has been a defensive monster.

3rd Team
G:Stephen Curry,PG,Golden State Warriors
G:Victor Oladipo,PG,Indiana Pacers
F:Jimmy Butler,SF/SG,Minnesota Timberwolves
F:Paul George,SF/SG,Oklahoma City Thunder
C:Karl Anthony Towns,C,Minnesota Timberwolves

Commentary:The only reason I think Steph Curry is not on the first or second team is due to his injury and Victor Oladipo has had the best season of his career.Jimmy Butler despite being injured is deserving.While Paul George has only averaged twenty-one points per game this season he has still played very well for the Thunder.Karl-Anthony Towns is very deserving as well.

2018 All-NBA Defensive Teams

1st Team
G:Jrue Holiday,PG,New Orleans Pelicans
G:Victor Oladipo,PG,Indiana Pacers
F:Robert Covington,SF/PF,Philadelphia 76ers
F:Anthony Davis,PF/C,New Orleans Pelicans
C:Rudy Gobert,C,Utah Jazz

Commentary:Wile all of these players are deserving I don’t see how Joel Embiid is not on the team.Holiday,Oladipo,Davis,and Gobert are all deserving but I feel like Embiid whould switch out with 76ers teammate Robert Covington.

2nd Team
G:Dejounte Murray,PG,San Antonio Spurs
G:Jimmy Butler,SG/SF,Minnesota Timberwolves
F:Draymond Green,PF/SF,Golden State Warriors
C:Al Horford,C/PF,Boston Celtics
C:Joel Embiid,C,Philadelphia 76ers

Commentary:Murray,Butler,Green,and Horford have all earned this honor consistently.Joel Embiid deserves defensive first team though.

2018 All-Rookie Teams

1st Team
G:Ben Simmons,PG/PF/SF,Philadelphia 76ers
G:Donavan Mitchell,SG/PG,Utah Jazz
G:Jayson Tatum,SG/SF,Boston Celtics
F:Kyle Kuzma,PF,LA Lakers
F:Lauri Markkanen,PF,Chicago Bulls

Commentary:Guards Ben Simmons and Donavan Mitchell are likely to be co-rookies of the year but other Rookie of the Year finalist Jayson Tatum is very deserving as well.Kuzma and Markkanen have both been great big men who can stretch the floor for the Lakers and Bulls respectively.

2nd Team
G:Lonzo Ball,PG,LA Lakers
G:Dennis Smith Jr.,PG,Dallas Mavericks
G:Bojan Bogdanovic,SG,Sacramento Kings
F:Josh Jackson,SF,Phoenix Suns
F:John Collins,PF,Atlanta Hawks

Lonzo Ball played well in his first season but has little areas i his game to clean up.Dennis Smith Jr. and his athleticism have gotten him these honors and Bojan Bogdanovic has a great future as a Kings guard.Josh Jackson and John COllins are forwards who have improved not so great teams this season (Suns and Hawks).

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