NBA Playoff Update:Warriors-Cavs #4 Prediction (NBA Finals Prediction)

I’m making this prediction right after game seven of the Western Conference Finals so let’s get into it.

2.Golden State Warriors 4
4.Cleveland Cavaliers 2

Golden State will use their offense to win the series but first they will have to use their killer defnse to defend the new Cavs that they will be playing.Kevin Durant has to be consistent and if he is every game, this series will be a sweep.If the Warriors get a couple of eight to ten three point games from Klay Thompson that will help improve their chances.If Steph Curry is on,the whole team is on and if they get Andre Iguodala back from injury as a strong threat the series will not be long.Now where do the Cavs have the advantage?LeBron James will be on and we know that but will guys like Jeff Green,George Hill,Tristan Thompson and bench players like Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. play well.While the Cavaliers definitely have a chance I do not see the Warriors have any trouble the fourth time through with the Cavs.

By Carter Huff

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