Four teams Kawhi Leonard could be traded to… (This is why the Warriors should be scared)

Sorry guys… I’ve been at camp but I’m back hoping to bring you a post a day over here and I’ve got a good one.Here are four teams Kawhi Leonard could be traded to…

This list is least likley to most likely to

After Kawhi Leonard demanded a trade from the San Antonio Spurs there are four contenders for his sweepstakes.

4.Philadelphia 76ers
I really don’t see this happening because Ben Simmons has to be in this package to make it work.They could use a package with Dario Saric and Markelle Fultz but Fultz was hurt so he’s not as good of an asset as he once was.If Philadelphia were to trade Simmons they would be called not loyal and plus Simmons is only twenty-two years old and most likely a rookie of the year.

3.Los Angeles Clippers
This could be interesting but all the Clippers really have is Tobias Harris and if the Spurs actually accept this deal it’s going to mean the two teams in front of them put worse offers.This is not likely to happen so I’m not expecting Kawhi Leonard to be on the Clippers.

2.Los Angeles Lakers
If Kawhi does get traded here for let’s say Julius Randle and Kyle Kuzma he would most likely bring in LeBron James and Paul George as free agents but I don’t think they beat the one team on this list because they can’t bring back free agents such as Brook Lopez.The rest of their roster would include Lonzo Ball and hope that a bunch of veterans would fill out the roster.Plus LA has the endorsements that Kawhi Leonard has always wanted.The final problem is it’s going to be hard for LA to get the deal done due to the amount of assets and picks that the top team has.

1.Boston Celtics
The amount of picks and assets Danny Ainge has brought in for his team are amazing.It is not that often you can trade for a legit superstar in their prime.They would give up Jaylen Brown,Terry Rozier,and Aron Baynes and a few picks for a top-five NBA player in Kawhi.There starting lineup would be Kyrie,Jayson Tatum,Kawhi Leonard,Gordon Hayward,and Al Horford.Everybody in that lineup except for Kyrie can switch on defense to any position on the floor.The NBA Finals may actually be between two teams who can beat each other.

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