What the SEC will look like with Oklahoma and Texas in the league

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Following the SEC spring meetings in Destin, Florida a few weeks ago, two scheduling formats for the future of the conference in football have emerged with Oklahoma and Texas entering the conference in 2025. The east and west divisions will be gotten rid of. Per many sources, there are two options:

The first format that is proposed includes an eight-game conference schedule. An eight-game conference schedule has been played in the SEC since Missouri and Texas A&M entered the league in 2012. The second format that is proposed include a nine-game conference schedule.

The argument against a nine-game conference schedule would be already playing one of if not the hardest football schedule in the country every season in the best conference in America according to most of the college football media. The SEC football coaches seem to be 50-50 on this. But, another argument against this is having non-conference games previously scheduled cancelled because of the new extra game.

The argument for a nine-game conference schedule is the 3-6 model. It will be discussed later in this post.

1.The first format includes each SEC team playing one “fixed” opponent or in better terms, their biggest rival every year and rotating seven other opponents every year. The SEC offices would of course choose the one fixed opponent every season. Something tells me this format won’t get voted through because many annual rivalries would be gone. Here’s what opponent I think every team would face every season in this format (with the SEC choosing these things).

Alabama – Auburn
Arkansas – Missouri
Auburn – Alabama
Florida – Georgia
Georgia – Florida
Kentucky – South Carolina
LSU – Texas A&M
Mississippi State – Ole Miss
Oklahoma – Texas
Ole Miss – Mississippi State
South Carolina – Kentucky
Tennessee – Vanderbilt
Texas – Oklahoma
Texas A&M – LSU
Vanderbilt – Tennessee

2.The second format includes every SEC squad playing their three biggest rivals, as chosen by the SEC, and rotate the other six opponents every year. Each SEC basketball team plays their three biggest rivals every year twice, so this is a realistic option for the conference. But, the nine-game conference schedule would be difficult with a potential expanded College Football Playoff coming. Not many SEC teams would be able to play a Group of 5 team or an FCS team with most of their schedules taken up with nonconference Power 5 opponents and their nine game SEC schedules. Overall, the second format is the better option, as historic rivalries would not be destroyed. Here’s a look of who each team could face every season if this format was used:

(I was unsure about these but I tried my best)

Alabama – Auburn, LSU, Tennessee
Arkansas – Missouri, Texas, Texas A&M
Auburn – Alabama, Georgia, Ole Miss
Florida – Georgia, LSU, Tennessee
Georgia – Auburn, Florida, South Carolina
Kentucky – Mississippi State, South Carolina, Vanderbilt
LSU – Alabama, Florida, Texas A&M
Mississippi State – Kentucky, Oklahoma, Ole Miss
Oklahoma – Mississippi State, South Carolina, Texas
Ole Miss – Auburn, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt
South Carolina – Georgia, Kentucky, Oklahoma
Tennessee – Alabama, Florida, Vanderbilt
Texas – Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M
Texas A&M – Arkansas, LSU, Texas
Vanderbilt – Kentucky, Ole Miss, Tennessee

I thought about designing a new SEC men’s basketball scheduling model but it was decided already at the SEC spring meetings. In basketball, the SEC decided continue its eighteen-game conference schedule. Instead of three permanent opponents, the SEC has decided to have their teams play two permanent opponents twice a season instead, home and away. And, they will play the twelve remaining opponents either home and away. Like usual, the SEC men’s basketball tournament will include all sixteen teams competing in a single-elimination format. The top four seeds will get a double bye like usual as well.

I cannot find any news on a new SEC baseball scheduling model approved. But, if it is like the future softball schedule, which has been confirmed, with Oklahoma and Texas in the league it will look like this: “(SEC) teams will play 24 conference games: a three-game series against eight rotating opponents. The SEC softball tournament will include all 16 teams competing in a single-elimination format” ( I would suppose the SEC would also go to a single elimination conference tournament for baseball to help with the safety of players.

Scheduling formats have also been confirmed in women’s basketball, men’s and women’s tennis, and soccer.


2022 cbhsports Chapel Hill Super Regional Preview

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Tomorrow, Arkansas will face North Carolina in game one of their fourth super regional in a row. They will have to continue to hit well like they did last weekend and pitch like they did last Monday in their win in Stillwater over Oklahoma State.

2022 Chapel Hill Regional
June 11-13
10.North Carolina 42-20 (15-15) ACC
Despite finishing fourth in the ACC Coastal, the Tar Heels won the ACC Conference Tournament. Then, they won their Chapel Hill Regional in seven games after falling to VCU in the 1-0 game. After beating Georgia in the elimination game, they defeated VCU twice and are hosting a super regional against one of the hottest teams in America, the Arkansas Razorbacks.
(2) Arkansas 41-19 (18-12)
In the highest scoring regional of all-time, Arkansas’ bats got them through a tough three games against the host Oklahoma State. They used an eight-run 8th inning to win the 1-0 game, lost a lead in the ninth and lost in extras in the regional final, and then went up 5-0 in the fifth inning and gave up just three runs in the winner-take-all game on Monday to advance to Chapel Hill and their fourth consecutive Super Regional.

June 11
Game 1: 2.Arkansas at. 1.North Carolina (10 AM CT, ESPN)
Both teams used their good offense to win their regional but something tells me that with rested Friday starting pitchers, such as Arkansas’ Connor Noland, it will be a pitchers’ duel. North Carolina wins game 1 after a timely late inning hit.

June 12
Game 2: 2.Arkansas at. 1.North Carolina (12 PM CT, ESPN/ESPN2)
Arkansas evens the series on the back of Michael Turner, Cayden Wallace, and Jalen Battles’ bats. A Razorback closer will finish the deal and the series heads to a win or go home situation.

June 13 (If necessary)
Game 3: 2.Arkansas at. 1.North Carolina (TBD, TBD)
Arkansas returns to the College World Series, led by their starting pitcher, which could be Zack Morris. An almost four inning start would propel the hogs to a victory late. They would head to Omaha for the first time since 2019.

Winner: Arkansas in 3


2022 NCAA College Baseball cbhsports Super Regional Predictions

Image Courtesy: Knoxville News Sentinel

(All game times eastern)

Super Regionals (June 10-12)

Knoxville Super Regional (Knoxville,TN)
Notre Dame

Carter’s Pick: 1.Tennessee in 3

Game 1: June 10, 6 PM, ESPN2
Game 2: June 11, 2 PM, ESPN
Game 3 (If necessary): June 12, TBD, TBD

Greenville Super Regional (Greenville,NC)
8.East Carolina

Carter’s Pick: 9.Texas in 3

Game 1: June 10, 12 PM, ESPN2
Game 2: June 11, 12 PM, ESPN2
Game 3 (If necessary): June 12, TBD, TBD

College Station Super Regional (College Station,TX)
5.Texas A&M

Carter’s Pick: 5.Texas A&M in 2

Game 1: June 10, 8:30 PM, ESPNU
Game 2: June 11, 3 PM, ESPN2
Game 3 (If necessary): June 12, TBD, TBD

Blacksburg Super Regional (Blacksburg,VA)
4.Virginia Tech

Carter’s Pick: 4.Virginia Tech in 3

Game 1: June 10, 3 PM, ESPN2
Game 2: June 11, 12 PM, ESPNU
Game 3 (If necessary): June 12, TBD, TBD

Super Regionals (June 11-13):

Salem Super Regional (Salem,OR)
3.Oregon State

Carter’s Pick: 3.Oregon State in 3

Game 1: June 11, 10:30 PM, ESPN2
Game 2: June 12, 10 PM, ESPN2
Game 3: June 13, TBD, TBD

Hattiesburg Super Regional (Hattiesburg,MS)
11.Southern Miss
Ole Miss

Carter’s Pick: Ole Miss in 3

Game 1: June 11, 4 PM, ESPNU
Game 2: June 12, 4 PM, ESPN2/ESPNU
Game 3: June 13, TBD, TBD

Chapel Hill Super Regional (Chapel Hill,NC)
10.North Carolina

Carter’s Pick: Arkansas in 3

Game 1: June 11, 11 AM, ESPN
Game 2: June 12, 1 PM CT, ESPN2/ESPNU
Game 3: June 13, TBD, TBD

Stanford Super Regional (Stanford,CA)

Carter’s Pick: 2.Stanford in 3

Game 1: June 11, 10:30 PM, ESPNU
Game 2: June 12, 7 PM, ESPN2/ESPNU
Game 3: June 13, TBD, TBD


There’s no CFP set beyond 2025… what a future playoff could look like

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This time last year, a 12-team playoff was inevitable. But, a month later, when Texas and Oklahoma made their future move to the SEC, presidents at ACC, Big 12 Big Ten, and Pac-12 schools did not move forward with their plans because of the expected SEC dominance of the playoff.

This year at the SEC Spring Meetings, SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey is leading his fellow SEC presidents in discussing not only the future format of the league with the Sooners and Longhorns, but a potential SEC Playoff. With the NCAA already having no control over the College Football Playoff, everyone should expect all of the football Power 5 conferences to break away from the NCAA and form their own new way of determining a champion. It will be a long process, as breaking away from the NCAA could mean choosing someone to be in charge of the sport, separate from all other NCAA sports.

So a 12-team playoff would look something like this:
The top six spots would include all five of the Power 5 champions and the top Group of 5 champion. The order of the team’s would be determined by whatever new CFP committee, which would be formed by the new head of college football.
The next six spots would go to the next six at large teams in the rankings, as determined by the CFP committee.
The bracket would allow the top four seeds to get byes. The one seed would face the winner of the 8./9. game, the two seed would face the winner of the 7./10. game, the three seed would face the winner of the 6./11. game, and the four seed would face the winner of the 5./12. game. Opening round games would be hosted by the higher seed (the five seed would host versus the twelve seed). Second round games would be played at four of the eight New Year’s Six Bowl sites and then the winners of each of those games would play at two of the four left over in the College Football Playoff Semifinals. Next, a national championship winner would be determined at a location selected by the commissioner of college football. The first round would be played the second Saturday in December, the quarterfinals would be played the third Saturday in December, and the semifinals would be played on New Year’s Eve and and national championship would be played the second Monday of the new year like usual.

Here’s what the bracket would have looked like last season:
(Records are from at the end of the regular season)

First Round (December 11)
8.Ole Miss (10-2)
9.Oklahoma State (11-2)

South Bend
5.Notre Dame (11-1)
12.Pittsburgh (11-2)

6.Ohio State (10-2)
11.Utah (10-3)

10.Michigan State

Quarterfinals (December 18)
TBD New Year’s Six Bowl
1.Alabama (12-1)
8.Ole Miss/9.Oklahoma State

TBD New Year’s Six Bowl
4.Cincinnati (13-0)
5.Notre Dame/12.Pittsburgh

TBD New Year’s Six Bowl
3.Georgia (12-1)
6.Ohio State/11.Utah

TBD New Year’s Six Bowl
2.Michigan (12-1)
7.Baylor/10.Michigan State

Semifinals (December 31)
TBD New Year’s Six Bowl
1.Alabama/8.Ole Miss/9.Oklahoma State
4.Cincinnati/5.Notre Dame/12.Pittsburgh

TBD New Year’s Six Bowl
2.Michigan/7.Baylor/10.Michigan State
3.Georgia/6.Ohio State/11.Utah

National Championship (January 9)


2022 cbhsports Stillwater Regional Preview

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Arkansas will not play in Baum-Walker Stadium in Fayetteville during regional weekend for the first time since 2015. We will see if the hogs can play better and make it back to the Supers for the fourth consecutive season.

2022 Stillwater Regional
June 3-6
7.Oklahoma State 39-20 (15-9) Big 12
The last time Arkansas did not host a regional, in 2015, Arkansas also headed to Stillwater to face Oklahoma State in their regional. The Diamond Hogs won the Stillwater Regional on their way to Omaha that year. This season, Oklahoma State was not even seen as a top eight seed until they went 3-2 last week in Arlington at the Big 12 Tournament. This is an offensive ball club that has some underrated arms pitching for them.
(4) Missouri State 30-27 (8-13) MVC
Arkansas has a lot of history with Missouri State, too. They beat the hogs this year in their final non-conference game, 6-4. Also, they upset the hogs in the 2017 Fayetteville Regional and made it to the Super Regionals where they lost to TCU. The Bears also played Oklahoma State this season but lost to the Cowboys.
(2) Arkansas 38-18 (18-12) SEC
After starting off 17-3 and winning their first two SEC series over Missouri and Kentucky, the hogs dropped SEC series to Florida, Texas A&M, the eventual winner of the SEC West, Vanderbilt, and Alabama. The hogs did not win at least a share of the SEC West title for the first time since 2017.
(3) Grand Canyon 41-19 (25-5) WAC
Grand Canyon is one of the top teams in the western athletic conference every season. It should be a great game between the Antelopes and the Razorbacks to begin the Stillwater Regional.

June 3
Game 1: 2.Arkansas vs. 3.Grand Canyon (12 PM CT, SECN)
In a match up of regional regulars, Grand Canyon boasts the best offense in the region, even as the three seed. Arkansas, last season’s top overall seed fell off a bit with a 38-18 record, having lost six of their last eight games. But something tells me that this uber talented Arkansas team that has not been awakened with push through and defeat GCU.
Game 2: 1.Oklahoma State vs. 4.Missouri State (6 PM CT, ESPN+)
Oklahoma State will take the lead early and get their second win over Missouri State this season.

June 4
Game 3: 3.Grand Canyon vs. 4.Missouri State (12 PM CT, TBD)
With the Antelopes being one of the top three seeds in the bracket and the Bears being one of the top four seeds its hard to pick this game or even imagining either team losing their opening round game the day prior. But, Missouri State’s bats will break through and the Bears will play small ball to avoid elimination.
Game 4: 1.Oklahoma State vs. 2. Arkansas (6 PM CT, TBD)
In the winner’s bracket Oklahoma State will defeat Arkansas and move one win away from hosting a Super Regional.

June 5
Game 5: 2.Arkansas vs. 4.Missouri State (12 PM CT, TBD)
Arkansas will get their revenge on Missouri State from earlier last month and move on to a must-win game six of the regional in a rematch against Oklahoma State.
Game 6: 1.Oklahoma State vs. 2.Arkansas (6 PM CT, TBD)
Arkansas will send it to game seven with a walk-off Robert Moore blast to beat Oklahoma State.

June 6 (If necessary)
Game 7: 1.Oklahoma State vs. 2.Arkansas (6 PM CT, TBD)
Oklahoma State will face Arkansas for a third time this weekend and win doing whatever they need to in their own ballpark. The Cowboys eliminate the hogs in regionals for the first time since 2017.

Winner: 7.Oklahoma State in 7


2022 cbhsports NCAA College Baseball Regionals Predictions

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Today, I will predict who I think will make it to the super regional round of the 2022 NCAA College Baseball Tournament.

If you are a little out of line on how the NCAA Baseball Tournament works here it goes:

1.The first round is called regional play. It includes 16 four team regionals (Top seeds are seeded 1-16). The top seed in each regional hosts. The two seed matches up with the three seed and the one seed in each region matches up with the four seed in each regional bracket. The winners of each of those games plays each other in the winners bracket and losers play each other in the losers bracket in a double-elimination style bracket. The winner of the winner’s bracket game moves on to the regional final while the loser plays a win or go home game versus the team that won in the loser’s bracket. Of course, the team that loses in the loser’s bracket goes home. The winner of the game between the winner in the loser’s bracket and the loser in the winner’s bracket determines who will face the team that has not lost in the regional final. The loser’s bracket team has to beat the winner’s bracket team to force a seventh and deciding game in the regional. But if the winner’s bracket team wins the sixth game, then they go to the Super Regionals, the second round of the tournament.

2.In the Supers (Super Regionals) it is much more simple. The higher seeded team hosts the super regional of the two competing. It is a best two out of three series to determine who goes to Omaha for the College World Series, comprised of the eight remaining teams.

3.The College World Series is made up of two four team brackets similar to the way regional play is played. The two winners face each other in the winner’s bracket and the two losers face each other in the loser’s bracket. When a team loses two games, they are out in the double-elimination setting. The two teams that make it through the winner’s bracket face off in the College World Series Finals.

4.The College World Series Finals is a best two out of three event.

Regionals (June 3-6):

Knoxville Regional (Knoxville,TN)
(4) Alabama State
(2) Georgia Tech
(3) Campbell

Carter’s Pick: 1.Tennessee in 6

Statesboro Regional (Statesboro,GA)
16.Georgia Southern
(4) UNC-Greensboro
(2) Notre Dame
(3) Texas Tech

Carter’s Pick: Texas Tech in 7

Greenville Regional (Greenville,NC)
8.East Carolina
(4) Coppin State
(2) Virginia
(3) Coastal Carolina

Carter’s Pick: 8.East Carolina in 7

Austin Regional (Austin,TX)
(4) Air Force
(2) Louisiana Tech
(3) Dallas Baptist

Carter’s Pick: 9.Texas in 7

Blacksburg Regional (Blacksburg,VA)
4.Virginia Tech
(4) Wright State
(2) Gonzaga
(3) Columbia

Carter’s Pick: 4.Virginia Tech in 6

Gainesville Regional (Gainesville,FL)
(4) Central Michigan
(2) Oklahoma
(3) Liberty

Carter’s Pick: 13.Florida in 7

College Station Regional (College Station,TX)
5.Texas A&M
(4) Oral Roberts
(2) TCU
(3) Louisiana (-Lafayette)

Carter’s Pick: 5.Texas A&M in 7

Louisville Regional (Louisville,KY)
(4) Southeastern Missouri State
(2) Oregon
(3) Michigan

Carter’s Pick: Michigan in 7

Coral Gables Regional (Coral Gables,FL)
(4) Canisius
(2) Arizona
(3) Ole Miss

Carter’s Pick: 6.Miami in 7

Hattiesburg Regional (Hattiesburg,MS)
11.Southern Miss
(4) Army
(2) LSU
(3) Kennesaw State

Carter’s Pick: 11.Southern Miss in 7

Corvallis Regional (Corvallis,OR)
3.Oregon State
(4) New Mexico State
(2) Vanderbilt
(3) San Diego

Carter’s Pick: Vanderbilt in 7

Auburn Regional (Auburn,AL)
(4) Southeastern Louisiana
(2) UCLA
(3) Florida State

Carter’s Pick: UCLA in 7

Stillwater Regional (Stillwater,OK)
7.Oklahoma State
(4) Missouri State
(2) Arkansas
(3) Grand Canyon

Carter’s Pick: 7.Oklahoma State in 7

Chapel Hill Regional (Chapel Hill,NC)
10.North Carolina
(4) Hofstra
(2) Georgia
(3) VCU

Carter’s Pick: 10.North Carolina in 6

Stanford Regional (Stanford,CA)
(4) Binghamton
(2) Texas State
(3) UC-Santa Barbara

Carter’s Pick: 2.Stanford in 6

College Park Regional (College Park,MD)
(4) Long Island
(2) Wake Forest
(3) Connecticut

Carter’s Pick: Wake Forest in 7


2022 cbhsports NBA Finals Preview

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2022 NBA Finals
2.Boston Celtics
3.Golden State Warriors

*If necessary*
Game 1: June 2, 9 PM ET, ABC
Game 2: June 5, 8 PM ET, ABC
Game 3: June 8, 9 PM ET, ABC
Game 4: June 10, 9 PM ET, ABC
*Game 5*: June 13, 9 PM ET, ABC
*Game 6*: June 16, 9 PM ET, ABC
*Game 7*: June 19, 8 PM ET ABC

The Golden State Warriors are appearing in their first NBA Finals since 2019 where they lost to the Toronto Raptors in six games. The Warriors lost star Kevin Durant that summer to the Brooklyn Nets via free agency. With new, young role players like guard Jordan Poole (who is looking like the third Splash Brother), guard/forward Andrew Wiggins, forward Kevon Looney, forward Jonathan Kuminga, and guard/forward Moses Moody in addition to the championship core of guard Stephen Curry, guard Klay Thompson, and forward Draymond Green, the “Dubs” seem to be the favorite to win their fourth NBA title together (previous titles won in 2015, 2017, and 2018). Stephen Curry was named Western Conference Finals MVP after their five-game series with the Mavericks but the award the talented point guard has never been named is Finals MVP. If Golden State can beat Boston and Curry has a success, maybe that aspiration can come true. Then, Curry will be a more respected player all-time by the NBA media. The Boston Celtics have made it to the Eastern Conference Finals four times since 2017 and finally broke through to the NBA Finals for the first time since 2010. Also, Celtics head coach Ime Udoka has led the team to a Finals appearance in his first season with the team, a phenomenal feat. Led by star young forwards Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, the Celtics will pose a threat to the favorites to win it all, Golden State. Tatum and Brown are supported by long time Celtic Marcus Smart and big man Al Horford. The two veterans give Boston timely shooting and tough defense. The question will be is if Boston can win at home and steal at least one on the road in San Francisco. The Celtics will have to do that to win the series against a veteran team that makes timely shots and knows how to win in championship situations. I cannot wait to see the chess match between Warriors coach Steve Kerr and Celtics coach Ime Udoka.

Prediction: Warriors in 6

I hop everyone enjoys the 2022 NBA Finals :).


2022 cbhsports Summer Schedule

Image Courtesy: Razorback Athletics

*All posts go live 2 PM CT unless otherwise noted*

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2022 cbhsports NCAA Baseball Regional Predictions

June 3
2022 cbhsports Stillwater Regional Preview (11 AM CT)

June 4
There’s no CFP set beyond 2025… what a future playoff could look like

June 9
2022 cbhsports NCAA College Baseball Super Regionals Predictions

June 10
2022 cbhsports Chapel Hill Super Regional Preview (2 PM CT)

June 11
What the SEC will look like with Oklahoma and Texas in the league

June 14
Taking a look at Jadon Haselwood, Drew Sanders, and other 2022 Arkansas football transfer additions

June 16
2022 cbhsports College World Series Predictions (2 PM CT)

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2022-2023 cbhsports College Football Preview:Arkansas

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2022 cbhsports NBA Mock Draft

June 25
2022-2023 cbhsports Arkansas College Football Preview: Nonconference slate

June 27
2022 Arkansas basketball off-season update

June 29
The impact of ACC and Pac-12 getting rid of divisions

July 1
Conference Realignment 2022: Every notable conference change

July 9
2022-2023 cbhsports Arkansas College Football Preview: South Carolina, Texas A&M

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Where will top 2023 hoops prospect DJ Wagner go?

July 16
2022-2023 cbhsports Arkansas College Football Preview: Alabama, Mississippi State, Auburn

July 23
2022-2023 cbhsports Arkansas College Football Preview: LSU, Ole Miss, Missouri

July 26
A busy July in college basketball (CBB News)

August 2
Who will be Arkansas baseball coach Dave Van Horn’s successor when he retires?

August 9
The domino effects of the Big 12 adding four new members by next July

August 13
cbhsports post schedule 2022-2023 *TENTATIVE*

August 14
2022-2023 cbhsports NFL Preview

August 16
Should Arkansas athletics play in Little Rock every year?


Who can make the CFP from each conference?

Image Courtesy: USA Today

In this post, I take a look at which teams from the Power 5 conferences have a good shot at making the 2022-2023 College Football Playoff from the Fiesta (Glendale) and Peach (Atlanta) Bowls on New Year’s Eve and then culminating in the National Championship Game on January 9, 2023 from SoFi Stadium in the Los Angeles area.

The Tigers will look to rebound after failing to make the playoff in 2021-2022. A QB battle between incumbent starter DJ Uiagalelei and incoming freshman Cade Klubnik will likely determine Clemson’s fate as they return yet another talented defense.
NC State
NC State has always been near the top of the ACC Atlantic, but many people in college football media believe that NC State can win the ACC and get to the College Football Playoff.
Wake Forest
Wake Forest’s CFP chances rest on the arm of QB Sam Howell and the hope that the Demon Deacons defense improves drastically.

Big 12
Baylor loses a ton of talent from their 2021-2022 Big 12 Championship team, with new starting QB Blake Shapen as the Bears look to repeat.
With new coach Brent Venables at the helm to replace Lincoln Riley, the Sooners will look to get back to the playoff again with a defensive mindset.
Oklahoma State
Oklahoma State’s Dezmond Jackson failed to reach the end zone in the final seconds of the 2021 Big 12 Championship and the Cowboys were defeated by Baylor. The Cowboys lose starting QB Spencer Sanders but are a real contender in 2022-2023 again.
Is Texas ever going to be “back”? I think we will find out this upcoming season as former top ranked 2021 recruit and Ohio State transfer QB Quinn Ewers, talented running back Bijhan Robinson, and receiver Xavier Worthy look to help the Longhorns have a successful season.

Big Ten
Coach Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan Wolverines are looking to make a return trip to the College Football Playoffs. Their chances will be on the backs of the defenders replacing NFL first round draft picks Aidan Hutchinson and David Njabo.
Michigan State
Ohio State
If there’s a team that should be able to defeat the powers that are in the SEC (Alabama and Georgia), it would be the Ohio State Buckeyes. Star QB CJ Stroud and receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba will lead one of if not the best offense in the country during the 2021-2022 season.

The Ducks lost head coach Mario Cristobal to his alma mater of Miami and Georgia defensive coordinator Dan Lanning was hired to replace him. Lanning is a talented recruiter but we will see if he can keep Oregon on pace with Utah, in front of the Pac-12.
USC, led by former Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley and former Oklahoma QB Caleb Williams, have headlined the college football news this off-season. But, it will be the rest of the Trojans roster that determines USC’s fate in the Pac-12 and in its hopes for a return to the national championship game, in what would be its first appearance since 2005.
Utah is the best team in the Pac-12. They fell just short in the 2022 Rose Bowl, in a 48-45 loss to Ohio State. QB Cameron Rising will look to lead the Utes to a second consecutive Pac-12 title and their first CFP berth.

Alabama has appeared in the College Football Playoff every season but one (2019-2020). I doubt head coach Nick Saban, reigning Heisman winner (QB) Bryce Young and top defensive player Will Anderson will be the favorite to win it all this upcoming season will not be the best team in college football and they will likely be the top seed in the 2022-2023 College Football Playoff.
Georgia will look to repeat as national champions with QB Stetson Bennett but they will have to replace five first round defensive draft picks as well as a few others on their road to defeating the Tide again.
Texas A&M
Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher put together the highest ranked recruiting class of all-time during the 2022 cycle. But, he will finally have to put the pieces together in College Station to win in the toughest conference in America.


2022-2023 cbhsports post free agency and draft NFL Record Predictions

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Buffalo Bills 14-3
New England Patriots 10-7
Miami Dolphins 8-9
New York Jets 5-12

Baltimore Ravens 13-4
Cincinnati Bengals 11-6
Cleveland Browns 9-8
Pittsburgh Steelers 5-12

Indianapolis Colts 11-6
Tennessee Titans 10-7
Houston Texans 5-12
Jacksonville Jaguars 3-14

Los Angeles Chargers 11-6
Kansas City Chiefs 10-7
Denver Broncos 9-8
Las Vegas Raiders 8-9


Dallas Cowboys 10-7
Philadelphia Eagles 9-8
Washington Commanders 6-11
New York Giants 3-14

Green Bay Packers 11-6
Minnesota Vikings 10-7
Chicago Bears 7-10
Detroit Lions 5-12

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12-5
New Orleans Saints 8-9
Carolina Panthers 7-10
Atlanta Falcons 7-10

Los Angeles Rams 12-5
San Francisco 49ers 10-7
Arizona Cardinals 8-9
Seattle Seahawks 4-13


2022 cbhsports NFL Mock Draft

I don’t have enough time to type up a mock draft this year because of school but please enjoy the 2022 NFL Draft beginning at 8 PM ET on ESPN/ABC which will continue through Saturday.


updated 2022-2023 cbhsports ESPN College GameDay Weekly Predictions

Image Courtesy: Fox News

August 27
Northwestern vs. Nebraska (Dublin, Ireland)
Runner-Up: Vanderbilt at. Hawaii
The Northwestern-Nebraska game from Ireland should be the easy pick for College GameDay in week 0.

September 3
Notre Dame at. Ohio State
Runner-Up: Oregon vs. Georgia (Atlanta)
Originally I had Oregon-Georgia in my first edition of this post a few months ago, but Heisman favorite (Ohio State QB) CJ Stroud, star receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba taking on new Notre Dame coach Marcus Freeman and his squad will be a monumental game, and GameDay should be there.

September 10
Alabama at. Texas
Runner-Up: Iowa State at. Iowa
A future SEC match up has a little more flair as second year Texas coach Steve Sarkisian was Alabama’s offensive coordinator during their 2020 championship run. Alabama may dominate this game but the eyes on it come the second Saturday in September will be why Rece and the guys head to Austin.

September 17
Miami at. Texas A&M
Runner-Up: Penn State at. Auburn
In the first edition of this post, I did not see the Miami-A&M game on the schedule. But, if the Aggies and Hurricanes, led by first year coach Mario Cristobal, are 3-0 up to this point, GameDay will choose it over returning to the Auburn-Penn State game for a second consecutive year.

September 24
Wisconsin at. Ohio State
Runner-Up: Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (Arlington)
While the most important game in the SEC West up to October will be played in Arlington, GameDay heads to Columbus for a huge Big Ten showdown between the Badgers and Buckeyes. Wisconsin will have to figure out its offense before facing what could be the best offense in the country in Ohio State.

October 1
Oklahoma State at. Baylor
Runner-Up: Kentucky at. Ole Miss
The rematch of the 2021 Big 12 Championship will be a phenomenal game, and if it is anything like the game in December, it should be a dandy.

October 8
Alabama at. Texas A&M
Runner-Up: Ohio State at. Michigan State
In what many people think will be the game of the year, Alabama will look to avenge its lone loss in the regular season a year ago. If A&M can get their QB situation figured out, they will be a top ten team in the country at least and will be able to beat Alabama for a consecutive years.

October 15
USC at. Utah
Runner-Up: Wisconsin at. Michigan State
Pac-12 favorite Utah’s biggest test will be against USC and new head coach Lincoln Riley, who has one of the best QBs in the country in Caleb Williams, who joined Riley at USC after coming from Oklahoma with him. This is a perfect Pac-12 game for GameDay to go to.

October 22
Iowa at. Ohio State
Runner-Up: UCLA at. Oregon
Not a ton of huge games to go to this week but a huge Big Ten clash in Columbus between Ohio State and Iowa could be a potential Big Ten Championship match.

October 29
Michigan State at. Michigan
Runner-Up: Georgia vs. Florida (Jacksonville)
After the incredible game between the Spartans and Wolverines last season, why should Rece and the guys not go to Ann Arbor for what should be a phenomenal game.

November 5
Clemson at. Notre Dame
Runner-Up: Alabama at. LSU
If Clemson figures out its QB and potentially starts freshman Cade Klubnik and Notre Dame shows that they have more offensive and defensive line depth, this game could be between two top five teams, a game that the show cannot miss.

November 12
Alabama at. Ole Miss
Runner-Up: Wisconsin at. Iowa
With the familiarity between coaching staffs (Lane Kiffin, the Ole Miss head coach used to be Alabama’s offensive coordinator), it should be a fun game. And, as the top SEC game of the weekend, it should be the pick for GameDay.

November 19
Oklahoma State at. Oklahoma
Runner-Up: USC at. UCLA
“Bedlam” is an easy pick for the show the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

November 26
Michigan at. Ohio State
Runner-Up: Auburn at. Alabama
“The Game” has been visited by College GameDay at least a few times the past few years and I expect it to be no different.

December 3
2022 SEC Championship (Atlanta)
Runner-Up: 2022 ACC Championship (Charlotte)
The SEC Championship is the pick here as the winner of this game usually appears in or wins the national championship.

December 10
Navy vs. Army (Philadelphia)
Runner-Up: N/A
The only pick for this week, Army-Navy.


2022 cbhsports NBA Playoffs Preview

Image Courtesy: Hoops Habit

The NBA Playoffs begin in just an hour. Here is who I have making it to the NBA Finals:

Conference Play-In Results

Eastern Conference

9.Atlanta Hawks (43-39) Advanced
10.Charlotte Hornets (43-39)
(Winner to play loser of 7./8. game for eight seed)

7.Brooklyn Nets (44-38) Advanced
8.Cleveland Cavaliers (44-38)
(Winner to be seven seed)

8.Cleveland Cavaliers (44-38)
9.Atlanta Hawks (43-39) Advanced

Western Conference

9.New Orleans Pelicans (36-46) Advanced
10.San Antonio Spurs (34-48)
(Winner to play loser of 7./8. game for eight seed)

7.Minnesota Timberwolves (46-36) Advanced
8.LA Clippers (42-40)
(Winner to be seven seed)

8.LA Clippers (46-36)
9.New Orleans Pelicans (36-46) Advanced

Conference Quarterfinals

Eastern Conference

1.Miami Heat (53-29) 4
8.Atlanta Hawks (43-39) 2
Miami was paced by Jimmy Butler and Victor Oladipo to land the East’s number one seed. But it will be their depth that advances them to round 2, past 2021 Eastern Conference Finals team Atlanta led by star guard Tar Young.

4.Philadelphia 76ers (51-31) 4
5.Toronto Raptors (48-34) 2
The James Harden and Joel Embiid’s goals for this team in these playoffs is to go much further than round 1. Despite not having defensive specialist Matisse Thybulle in away games due to the vaccine in Canada, Harden, Embiid, and Tobias Harris should lead Philadelphia to Round 2 over Scottie Barnes, Pascal Siakam, and the Raptors.

3.Milwaukee Bucks (51-31) 4
6.Chicago Bulls (46-36) 1
While DeMar DeRozan and Zach Lavine were very successful to begin the season, facing off against the Bucks, the defending NBA champions in round one will not be easy. DeRozan always struggled in the playoffs in Toronto and facing Giannis and the Bucks will not be easy.

2.Boston Celtics (51-31) 3
7.Brooklyn Nets (44-38) 4
Brooklyn may not have the depth it previously had before adding James Harden and then getting rid of him, but Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will win a close, seven-game series over Irving’s old team. Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum will have something to say about it, though.

Western Conference
1.Phoenix Suns (64-18) 4
8.New Orleans Pelicans (36-46) 1
Led by back to back coach of the year Monty Williams and likely first team All-NBA guard Devin Booker and fellow guard Chris Paul and their young core, I expect the Suns to take down the young but gritty Pelicans in five games.

4.Dallas Mavericks (52-30) 3
5.Utah Jazz (49-33) 4
My second upset pick comes in the Dallas-Utah series. With Mavs star Luka Doncic hurt (but maybe playing; it is to be determined), Utah guard Donovan Mitchell and big man Rudy Gobert will take down Dallas in a close seven game series.

3.Golden State Warriors (53-29) 4
6.Denver Nuggets (48-34) 2
Potential NBA MVP Nikola Jokic will look to take down NBA Playoff mainstays Golden State. In Denver’s way will be former MVP Stephen Curry, guard Klay Thompson, guard Jordan Poole, and forward Draymond Green will look to get another championship back to the Bay Area.

2.Memphis Grizzlies (56-26) 4
7.Minnesota Timberwolves (46-36) 2
Memphis’ young core of star point guard Ja Morant, forward Jaren Jackson, and wing Desmond Bane will lead the Grizzlies to the second round over an exciting, also young Minnesota team led by guard Anthony Edwards and big man Karl Anthony-Towns.

Conference Semifinals

Eastern Conference
1.Miami Heat 3
4.Philadelphia 76ers 4
The play of James Harden and Joel Embiid will lead the Sixers to an upset over the Miami Heat.

3.Milwaukee Bucks 4
7.Brooklyn Nets 3
The Nets’ lack of depth is why I think Giannis and the Bucks eliminate Brooklyn for the second consecutive season. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant will have to play 80 plus percent of the game at a high level to upset the Bucks.

Western Conference
1.Phoenix Suns 4
5.Utah Jazz 2
Phoenix’s bench led by Cam Johnson will help the Suns defeat Utah in six games.

2.Memphis Grizzlies 2
3.Golden State Warriors 4
Memphis hasn’t been here before. Golden State has gone to five of the last eight NBA Finals. Stephen Curry leads the Warriors back to the conference finals.

Conference Finals

Eastern Conference
3.Milwaukee Bucks 4
4.Philadelphia 76ers 3
A battle between Giannis Antetokounmpo and Joel Embiid inside will be won by the Bucks. They will look to repeat as champions.

Western Conference
1.Phoenix Suns 3
3.Golden State Warriors 4
Golden State has been here many times before. Stephen Curry and the Warriors will deny Phoenix a second shot at the Finals and head to it themselves.

Finals preview will come when we get there.


Taking a look at Nick Smith, Jordan Walsh, and Arkansas’ 2022 class ahead of the signing period

2022 Signees (per 247sports)
6.Nick Smith (#2CG) North Little Rock,AR (North Little Rock)
Nick Smith’s ability to run the point, score, and win is why he is the perfect fit for Eric Musselman’s team. Smith could develop his outside shot a bit but the likely top three pick in the 2023 NBA Draft will be Arkansas’ engine in the 2022-2023 season.

18.Jordan Walsh (#5SF) DeSoto,TX (Link Academy)
Jordan Walsh is a versatile forward who is an exceptional passer, defender, and a good scorer. Walsh will likely have to play out of position in Arkansas’ offense but his versatility will help him out.

22.Anthony Black (#3PG) Ducanville,TX (Duncanville)
The latest addition to Arkansas’ number two ranked class is 6’7 point guard Anthony Black. Black gives Arkansas the size that they have had on the ball during Coach Musselman’s tenure that has led them to back to back Elite 8 runs.

57.Derrian Ford (#11CG) Magnolia,AR (Magnolia)
Derrian Ford might be the most underrated player in the class. Ford is a strong guard who won multiple player of the year awards in Arkansas during his career and gives Arkansas a good defensive piece off the bench.

85.Barry Dunning (#21SF) Mobile,AL (McGill Toolen)
The Alabama Gatorade Player of the Year heads to Fayetteville as a multi-positional piece for Eric Musselman.

88.Joseph Pinion (#23SF) Morrilton,AR (Morrilton)
The sharpshooter may not get a ton of playing time in his first year in Fayetteville but with Arkansas’ lack of elite perimeter shooting threats you never know.


2022 cbhsports men’s NCAA College Basketball Tournament National Championship Preview

Image Courtesy: Foxnews

Here is my 2022 College Basketball National Championship Preview:

1.Kansas vs. 8.North Carolina
Caesar’s Superdome (New Orleans,LA)
April 4, 9:20 PM ET, TBS
Kansas defeated Villanova in the first Final Four semifinal of Saturday night by holding the lead throughout the entire game. First team All-American wing Ochai Agbaji (21 points, 2 rebounds) and forward David McCormack (25 points, 9 rebounds) propelled Kansas to the championship game. To beat North Carolina, more offensive production from guard Remy Martin, guard Christian Braun, wing Jalen Wilson, and forward Mitch Lightfoot to beat the Tar Heels. Kansas coach Bill Self will look to defeat first year North Carolina coach Hubert Davis and his Tar Heels. North Carolina defeated Duke 81-77, which was the first meeting between the two rivals in the tournament of all time and ended Mike Krzyewski’s historic career. In the 100th battle between Coach K’s Blue Devils and the Tar Heels, North Carolina evened the series at 50 in that span with guards Caleb Love scoring 28 points and RJ Davis scoring 16 points. Big man Armando Bacot scored 11 points and added 21 rebounds for the Tar Heels. He will need more offensive production if the Heels were to beat Kansas. The defensive match ups chosen by each coach are going to be key. Talented defensive wing North Carolina wing Leaky Black will likely be assigned Ochai Agbaji, Armando Bacot will likely be on David McCormack, and the rest will be up to the positional assignments. The other huge factor is the lack of North Carolina bench play. Kansas’ bench is definitely superior but the hot shooting of North Carolina forward Brady Manek has countered most opposing benches in the NCAA Tournament thus far.

This game will be huge for either program with a win. I guess it was the Roy Williams retirement party the entire time, not Coach K, as the two programs Coach Williams led will face off in the championship tomorrow night. Projected Score: North Carolina 76, Kansas 73