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cbhsports College Football Week 10 Preview

Top 6 entering Week 10 (My rankings)
1.Alabama 8-0 (5-0) Next Week:Bye
2.LSU 7-0 (4-0) Next Week:Bye
3.Ohio State 8-0 (5-0) Next Week:Bye
4.Clemson 8-0 (6-0) Next Week:Wofford
Outside Looking In
5.Penn State 8-0 (5-0) Next Week:Bye
6.Oklahoma 7-1 (4-1) Next Week:Bye

Games that will impact CFP in Week 10 (Rankings are from AP Poll)

10.Georgia vs. 7.Florida (Jacksonville,FL)
The primetime SEC-CBS matchup has recently been scheduled to be played and to continue to be played in Jacksonville through 2023. Florida has not been successful versus Georgia recently and I think that struggle continues. I believe that Georgia QB Jake Fromm will shake off his struggles after coming off a bye week and lead Georgia to a win and the control of the SEC East. Prediction:Georgia 38, Florida 34

16.SMU at. Memphis
SMU is back and Memphis is right behind them. This game will likely determine the American Athletic west and who can get the lone group of five spot in the new year’s six bowl games. Prediction:Memphis 31, SMU 27

ACC College Basketball

cbhsports 2019-2020 Big East MBB Preview

Hey guys welcome to my 2019-2020 Big East Preview! Hope you enjoy.

Projected Standings
2.Seton Hall
9.St. John’s

cbhsports Big East projected Awards
Player of the Year:Marcus Howard,G,Marquette
Newcomer of the Year:Jeremiah Robinson-Earl,G,Villanova
Sixth Man of the Year:KyKy Tandy,G,Xavier

1st Team All-Conference
G:Markus Howard,Marquette
G:Myles Powell,Seton Hall
G:Alpha Diallo,Providence
F:Naji Marshall,Xavier
F:Paul Reed,DePaul

ACC College Basketball

cbhsports 2019-2020 ACC MBB Preview

Hey guys welcome to my 2019-2020 ACC Preview! Hope you enjoy.

Projected Standings
3.North Carolina
5.Florida State
6.NC State
7.Notre Dame
12.Virginia Tech
13.Wake Forest
14.Georgia Tech
15.Boston College

cbhsports ACC projected Awards
Player of the Year:Jordan Nwora,F,Louisville
Newcomer of the Year:Cole Anthony,G,North Carolina
Sixth Man of the Year:Ryan McMahon,G,Louisville

1st Team All-Conference
G:Cole Anthony,UNC
G:Tre Jones,Duke
G:Markell Johnson,NC State
F:Jordan Nwora,Louisville
C:Vernon Carey,Duke

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cbhsports College Football Week 9 Preview

Top 6 entering Week 9 (My rankings)
1.LSU 7-0 (3-0) Next Week:LSU
2.Alabama 7-0 (4-0) Next Week:Arkansas
3.Ohio State 7-0 (4-0) Next Week:Wisconsin
4.Oklahoma 7-0 (4-0) Next Week:at.Kansas State
Outside Looking In
5.Clemson 7-0 (5-0) Next Week:Boston College
6.Penn State 7-0 (4-0) Next Week:at.Michigan State

Games that will impact CFP in Week 9 (Rankings are from AP Poll)

I don’t see Alabama, Oklahoma, or Clemson losing their games this week so they won’t be listed here.

13.Wisconsin at. 3.Ohio State
If Wisconsin loses they are unofficially knocked out of contention for the playoff. If this game was in Madison, I might pick the badgers but the way Ohio State has been playing at home with Georgia bounceback Justin Fields at QB, JK Dobbins at running back, and a stingy defense I don’t see a way OSU loses. Prediction:Ohio State 45, Wisconsin 28

9.Auburn at. 2.LSU
LSU has been on fire and that’s all you really have to say about that. Auburn is coming off a drubbing of bottom-dweller Arkansas and if they keep that offensive firepower going, this game could be a shootout. Prediction:LSU 38, Auburn 34

6.Penn State at. Michigan State
Penn State will go on the road to a hostile environment in East Lansing but I don’t expect the nittany lions to have many problems with the Spartans. Prediction:Penn State 31, Michigan State 14

8.Notre Dame at. 19.Michigan
After losing to Penn State a week ago, Michiga, unless craziness happens, is out of the race. But, Michigan can eliminate the independent Irish from a second year in a row trip to the CFP by knocking them off in Ann Arbor. Prediction:Michigan 17, Notre Dame 14

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Who can make the CFP in each Power 5 Conference?

Today, we are going to be going over each power five conference’s teams with a chance to make the college football playoff this season.

4.Clemson (7-0)
How they can make the playoff:Just don’t lose. Clemson hasn’t looked like the team that we thought they were but if they win out they should very well be in the playoff.

Big 12
5.Oklahoma (7-0)
How they can make the playoff:After getting past Texas a week ago, they only have one more test.The Sooners have Baylor and if they can get past Matt Rhule’s team they should have no problem getting into the playoff.

14.Baylor (7-0)
How they can make the playoff:Beating Oklahoma has to be what Baylor does to make a national statement and get into the top ten to have a chance to get into the CFP.

Big Ten
3.Ohio State (7-0)
How they can make the playoff:With how dominant the Buckeyes have been, I don’t see anything put green grass for Ohio State’s playoff chances. Penn State may be a challenge for this team, but the way it’s looking is Ohio State will be in the playoff.

6.Penn State (7-0)
How they can make the playoff:How they can make the playoff:While Penn State may not have the talent Ohio State has, a win over the Buckeyes will set them up with great chances to get into the final four.

13.Wisconsin (6-1)
How they can make the playoff:A tough upset loss to Illinois set the Badgers back, but if they win out, and they will have to beat Ohio State in the regular season, and then likely in the Big Ten championship game.

11.Oregon (6-1)
How they can make the playoff:How they can make the playoff:After a tough loss in week one to Auburn, Oregon will have to win the Pac-12 without losing another game to get into the CFP.

12.Utah (6-1)
How they can make the playoff:Utah, like Oregon, had one tough loss. If both teams meet in Los Angeles in the Pac-12 championship with just one loss each, the winner will have a great shot to get into the CFP.

1.Alabama (7-0)
How they can make the playoff:Alabama does need to survive this stretch without Tua but those games are easy. First is a game at home versus bottom-dweller Arkansas and then a bye to prepare for LSU, where he will likely return to action. If they do survive the stretch without Tua, they will be in the CFP.

2.LSU (7-0)
How they can make the playoff:LSU will have to go through Auburn and Alabama within the next month. This will let us see if QB Joe Burrow and the tigers are a team that is top-four quality and CFP worthy.

7.Florida (6-1)
How they can make the playoff:After wins over Miami, Auburn, and a close loss versus LSU, Florida has completed a tough stretch but will have to show that they can beat Georgia in a few weeks.

9.Auburn (6-1)
How they can make the playoff:Auburn lost to Florida a few weeks ago but have been hitting on all cylinders before their tough stretch next month against Georgia and Alabama.

10.Georgia (6-1)
How they can make the playoff:After a tough upset loss to South Carolina, Georgia struggled to beat Kentucky on Saturday. Upcoming tests against Auburn and will prove if Georgia is still the king of the SEC East.


cbhsports 2019-2020 NBA Preview

The NBA season starts tomorrow so here’s my preview for you.

Predicted Standings (Teams that will be in the playoffs)

Eastern Conference
1.Milwaukee Bucks
2.Philadelphia 76ers
3.Boston Celtics
4.Indiana Pacers
5.Miami Heat
6.Toronto Raptors
7.Brooklyn Nets
8.Orlando Magic

Western Conference
1.LA Clippers
2.Denver Nuggets
3.LA Lakers
4.Houston Rockets
5.Utah Jazz
6.Golden State Warriors
7.Portland Trail Blazers
8.San Antonio Spurs

2020 cbhsports NBA champion:LA Lakers

Predicted Award Winners
MVP:LeBron James,SF/PG,LA Lakers
ROY:Zion Williamson,PF,New Orleans Pelicans
DPOY:Rudy Gobert,C,Utah Jazz
MIP:Lonzo Ball,PG,New Orleans Pelicans
COY:Doc Rivers,Head Coach,LA Clippers

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cbhsports College Football Week 8 Preview

Top 6 entering Week 8 ()=Conference Record
1.Alabama 6-0 (3-0) Next Week:Tennessee
2.LSU 6-0 (2-0) Next Week:at.Mississippi State
3.Ohio State 6-0 (3-0) Next Week:at.Northwestern
4.Oklahoma 6-0 (3-0) Next Week:West Virginia
Outside Looking In
5.Clemson 6-0 (4-0) Next Week:at.Louisville
6.Wisconsin 6-0 (3-0) Next Week:at.Illinois

Games that will impact CFP in Week 7
9.Florida at. South Carolina
A week after Georgia went down to South Carolina, the other top team in the east division comes to Columbia. It might be tough for the Gamecocks to pull off another big upset but anything can happen in college football. Prediction:Florida 28, South Carolina 17

3.Clemson at. Louisville
This could be another trap game for the defending champions as the Louisville Cardinals are coming off a win over ranked Wake Forest. The Cards also have the ability to score with anyone in the country so expect with these two offenses we could see something like last week’s affair between Louisville and Wake Forest. Prediction:Clemson 38, Louisville 27

16.Michigan at. 7.Penn State
Jim Harbaugh’s job could very well be dependent on this season. One thing he hasn’t been able to do is win big games. Harbaugh and Michigan will get a chance to do that on Saturday night in Happy Valley. Prediction:Penn State 31, Michigan 20

Sorry for the issues with the post. I scheduled the post not thinking it was homecoming for school this week. I will go to the new blog schedule starting this week so get excited. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


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Here is my new blog schedule on cbhsports:

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What the NFL should look like…

Hey guys and welcome back to another NFL realignment post. My first post on this site was an NFL realignment post so here it is.


Baltimore Ravens
Carolina Panthers
Philadelphia Eagles
Washington Redskins

Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers
Indianapolis Colts
Minnesota Vikings

Houston Texans
Kansas City Chiefs
New Orleans Saints
Tennessee Titans

Arizona Cardinals
Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos
Oakland Raiders (Relocating to Las Vegas)


Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns
Detroit Lions
Pittsburgh Steelers

Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots
New York Giants
New York Jets

Atlanta Falcons
Jacksonville Jaguars
Miami Dolphins
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

LA Chargers
LA Rams
San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks

College Football

cbhsports College Football Week 7 Preview

First, I want to say thank you to my grandfather Bob for giving me this idea. And also I wanted to say that I will be trying to put one of these out every Thursday or Friday night.

So in these preview posts I will be listing my top six for the college football entering the week, games that will impact the playoff, and my predictions for those games.

Top 6 entering Week 7 ()=Conference Record
1.Alabama 5-0 (2-0)
2.Ohio State 6-0 (3-0)
3.Georgia 5-0 (2-0)
4.LSU 5-0 (1-0)
Outside Looking In
5.Oklahoma 5-0 (2-0)
6.Wisconsin 5-0 (2-0)

Games that will impact CFP in Week 7

20.Virginia at. Miami (Friday)
While this isn’t the biggest game of the weekend, this will determine if Virginia will be able to compete with Clemson in a likely ACC championship game versus the tigers. If Virginia can go into south beach ahead of five straight ACC coastal games, and beat the hurricanes, they can compete with a struggling Clemson team in early December. Prediction:Virginia 35, Miami 24

6.Oklahoma vs. 11.Texas (Dallas,TX)
The annual game at the Texas State Fair will have no shortage of offense. The real question is if the Texas defense will be able to stop Jalen Hurts terror this season. Texas QB Sam Ehlinger gets his favorite targer Collin Johnson back for the ‘Horns biggest game of the year. Prediction:Oklahoma 49, Texas 38

1.Alabama at. 24.Texas A&M
The afternoon CBS games pits two teams coming off bye weeks with two different struggles. Texas A&M only beat bottom-dweller Arkansas by four two weeks ago and Alabama, while not struggling much at all, are struggling to get a defense ready for the tests that come within the next few weeks. Prediction:Alabama 38, Texas A&M 21

10.Penn State at. 17.Iowa
Penn State heads into Iowa City with an undefeated record and Iowa comes in to this game struggling to muster offense a week ago at Michigan with only three points. Penn State may blow out Iowa, but it is always tough going into Kinnick stadium and winning a night game. Prediction:Penn State 49, Iowa 28

7.Florida at. 5.LSU
The headliner of the week has two headliner teams looking to get a statement win to improve their playoff resume. Florida is coming off a win versus Auburn and have a tough stretch to continue their season. LSU has virtually changed their offense into the modern era led by passing game coordinator Joe Brady, and quarterbacked by Heisman leader Joe Burrow. Prediction:LSU 21, Florida 10